FIVE Months!

Last Sunday, while I was in Vegas for a wedding, I realized my wedding is only FIVE months away!  Where did the past five months go?!?  Wasn’t it last week that I said YES to my dress?!?  

This is not my dress.
but I LOVE IT!

For the past five months, I have been intensely focused on planning an inaugural fundraising gala, getting adjusted to my new promotion/position at work, and working on our new home.  Wedding planning has certainly been put on the back burner. Self-care has been sporadic at best and WORKING OUT???  My exercise routine has dwindled to twice a week resistance training, a walk to the mail box, and maybe some gardening.  My keto food prep has fluctuated between tossing a whole avocado in my purse to perfectly planned meals in measured portions.  There’s NO CONSISTENCY.  I admit it!

In February I wrote a blog about FAILURE and heading back to my trainer for, yet another come to Jesus meeting.  Every time we have these talk I say, “I don’t know what to do Rob!”  Oh, but I do! I know I needed to get back to my system, my routine, and my plan that works. I know what to do to be successful and I did it for about a month, until I got a new promotion and my stress level went through the roof!  BUT when I fall off my plan, I still sit at my desk and tell myself, “I just don’t know.”  

Years ago, in marriage therapy, my ex frequently said, “I don’t know.”  One day our jovial therapist, who wore a nicely fitted suit and tie with a pair of colorful Chuck Taylor’s every session, made deliberate eye contact with my ex and sternly said, “Sure you know.  ‘I don’t know’ is the lazy answer. You’re here to do the work. Come on, you know.” Let’s just take a beat — I need to think about this myself.

I am acting like I don’t know where the past five months have gone.  I know.  It hasn’t been all laziness, as much as it has been happiness and poor prioritization. Some of my girls and I talked about “happiness weight” and I would say that completely applies.  Movie nights with pizza and Tito’s.  Sleeping in because he’s home on a Saturday, instead of getting up and walking the trail. Going out to dinner. Making treats because he has a sweet tooth.  Well the difference is, his metabolism is still like it was in his twenties and mine is still sluggish and unforgiving – nothing has changed there! 

After some review of my plan, I am taking a page from my friend Jessica’s playbook aka the Vegas bride.  She is a sweetheart who used to teach Zumba and is still dedicated to her fitness regimen. For the 75 days leading up to her wedding, she posted a daily photo of her workout stats and used social media as her accountability.  There are 145 days until my wedding, so I will be posting daily on my blog and Instagram to stay on track.  Anyone with me on this?

The good thing is, I’m not trying to squeeze into my dress, it already fits! The best thing is, I am marrying a man who loves me just the way I am!

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